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How old is your bathroom? How long should it last? Could I change it to make it nicer? Can I add a fan? A plug for my hair dryer? What about clear glass in the shower? Everybody has questions about bathrooms, at least the people here at this site. I hope I can answer some of your questions today.

How many years can you expect out the products in your bathroom?

Bathtub - cast iron 50 years, fiberglass, 10 -15 years
Counter top - ceramic tile, 30 years, laminate, 10 -15 years
Paint - 5 -10 years
Carpet - 11 years
Drywall - 30 -70 years

Can you make changes to make it better? Yes you can. A decade ago homeowners stayed in their homes an average of 7 years, now the average is 12.5 years. Many people are staying in their homes and fixing them up the way “they”want it. New water saving devices can help you save on your water bill. And we can help you at every step.

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